A New Solid-State Battery Cell Development Promises 1,300+ Mile Range

Tailan New Energy has developed a solid-state battery cell with exceptional energy density, which could potentially double the range of electric vehicles (EVs) to over 1,300 miles (ca. 2,092 km) on a single charge, setting new industry standards.

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Tailan New Energy, a Chinese developer of solid-state batteries founded in 2018, has revealed a vehicle-grade all-solid-state lithium battery with twice the energy density of its competitors. This positions it as a groundbreaking advancement in the electric mobility industry. The company, founded by professionals in lithium battery research and development, has been recognized for its significant contributions to the electric mobility sector, winning awards and being named one of China’s top future unicorns in 2023.

The recently unveiled solid-state battery prototype cell has a 120 Ah capacity and features several technological innovations. These include ultra-thin and dense composite oxide solid electrolytes, high-capacity electrode materials, and an integrated molding process. These advancements allow the cell to provide an energy density of 720 Wh/kg, which is more than double that of current batteries used in Chinese passenger EVs. This energy density could potentially allow electric vehicles to travel more than 1,300 miles on a single charge, significantly surpassing the range of existing EVs.

Tailan New Energy has made significant advances in solid-state battery technology, including the development of a high-capacity, lithium-rich manganese-based material for the positive electrode and an ultra-wide and thin lithium composite for the negative electrode that improves cycle stability. Additionally, the company has developed a proprietary high-performance oxide composite solid-state electrolyte to address interface impedance issues. Tailan New Energy aims to solve common issues of battery life and safety concerns associated with traditional lithium-ion batteries by improving charged particle migration inside the cathode and reducing interface impedance with self-developed materials.

While specific plans for integration into passenger vehicles have not been disclosed, Tailan New Energy’s latest battery cell technology is vehicle grade and has the potential to transform the electric vehicle market by significantly extending the range of vehicles and improving the safety and longevity of batteries.

Source: Electrek

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