LFP Specialist IBU-Tec Advances Sodium-Ion Battery Technology

IBU-Tec Advances Sodium-Ion Battery Technology
IBU-Tec Advanced Materials is transitioning from LFP battery materials to sodium-ion batteries, advancing innovative, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective battery technology for electric vehicles and industrial trucks.

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IBU-Tec, well known for its LFP battery material, is making advances in sodium-ion battery technology, with a focus on expanding manufacturing and developing novel cathode materials. The company has successfully developed a novel cathode active material called IBUvolt NMO (sodium manganese oxide), for use in stationary energy storage and e-mobility beyond the 100 kg scale.

IBU-Tec’s goal is to increase production of sodium manganese layer oxide while also improving the cathode’s cycle stability in complete cells. The company has finished the research and commercial manufacture of phase-pure NMO, which has already been used successfully in stationary energy storage systems. Additionally, IBU-tec has started a new project that aims to replace lead-acid batteries in electric industrial trucks and create a cathode active material based on sodium-iron phosphate (NEP) for sodium-ion battery systems (NIB systems). The Federal Ministry of Education and Research is funding this program with about 2 million euros, and if successful, it will pursue commercialization.

With estimates of 6,000 GWh by 2040, the need for sodium-ion batteries is predicted to rise dramatically on a global scale, indicating a sector with strong growth potential. European manufacturers such as Northvolt are venturing into the sodium-ion battery sector. Energy density improvements, which have reached 160 Wh/kg, show that the technology is starting to become more economically viable.

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CEO Jörg Leinenbach emphasizes the promise of sodium batteries as less expensive, more ecologically friendly alternatives to conventional battery technologies, presenting considerable growth opportunities for IBU-Tec. Since 2021, IBU-Tec has developed a two-stage process to produce sodium cathode active material in a more energy-efficient manner. Sodium-ion batteries, which benefit from the abundance and minimal environmental effect of sodium and manganese, are less expensive and safer than lithium-ion batteries, despite having a lower energy density and higher weight.

The company uses its experience in thermal process engineering and material science to contribute to climate and environmental protection, servicing an international customer base that includes both innovative small- and medium-sized businesses and enterprises. By advancing sodium-ion battery technology, IBU-Tec has established itself as a major player and innovator in the battery industry, increasing its market share in the growing battery industry. In March 2023, IBU-Tec established IBUvolt Battery Materials GmbH to focus more on battery material development in response to the material’s growing relevance.

Source: IBU-tec Corporate News

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