Lyten Ships Lithium-Sulfur Battery Samples to Stellantis

Lyten has shipped its pioneering lithium-sulfur batteries to Stellantis and other automakers for testing, marking a major advancement in EV battery technology that holds the promise of higher energy density, reduced carbon footprint and sustainability.

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Lyten has shipped its first samples of lithium-sulfur (Li-S) batteries to Stellantis and other key automotive players in the US and EU to begin testing. The testing represents a significant step in evaluating the commercial viability of lithium-sulfur batteries for the automotive industry.

Lyten operates an automated pilot production line in San Jose, California, established in May 2023. It uses standard lithium-ion manufacturing protocols to produce these batteries. Stellantis invested in Lyten’s lithium-sulfur battery technology, underscoring the automotive giant’s interest in and support for innovative battery solutions.

Over 20 potential customers are expected to receive Li-S battery samples for evaluation in the second and third quarters of 2024, and these samples are being produced on a semi-automatic pilot line in San Jose, California. The company plans to expand its production capacity by shipping cylindrical A samples later this year and designing its first giga-scale factory.

Unlike conventional batteries, Lyten’s Li-S batteries eliminate the need for critical minerals such as nickel, cobalt and manganese, instead utilizing sulfur and Lyten’s proprietary 3D graphene derived from sequestered carbon. This change is expected to reduce the carbon footprint of these batteries by more than 65%, and enables a supply chain that is entirely sourced within the US or EU.

Lyten’s Li-S batteries incorporate a unique 3D graphene structure within the cathode to improve stability and conductivity, addressing the common longevity and performance inconsistencies associated with Li-S batteries. Innovations include the use of a lithium metal composite for the anode, which improves battery efficiency and lifetime while increasing energy density.

Source: Electrek, BusinessWire

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