Nio signs a partnership with CATL to jointly develop long-life batteries

Nio signs a partnership with CATL to jointly develop long-life batteries
Nio and CATL have initiated a collaborative agreement to develop and produce long-life batteries, aiming to enhance electric vehicle (EV) sustainability and user experience, while also addressing the challenges of battery lifespan and high replacement costs.

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Nio has partnered with CATL, the leading battery supplier worldwide, to develop long-life batteries for electric vehicles. The collaboration will focus on the specific requirements of Nio’s battery swapping system. This collaboration was formalized through a framework agreement signed in Beijing and marks a significant step in long-life battery research and development (R&D). The goal is to provide swappable batteries with technologies that slow capacity degradation, enable self-repair, and provide lithium supplementation.

CATL, which accounts for more than 35 percent of global battery production, is not only the sole supplier of Nio’s current battery swapping network but also a key partner in developing battery systems for future Nio models. This partnership aligns with Nio’s strategy to make EV ownership more sustainable and cost-effective by alleviating concerns about the cost of replacing and degrading batteries, which can impact a vehicle’s residual value.

Nio’s approach to battery technology includes the development of a battery lifecycle health operating system and the use of big data analytics to optimize battery life conditions and usage, which boasts 80 percent capacity retention after 12 years. The company has also emphasized the importance of battery R&D to improve battery materials and manufacturing processes to extend both calendar and cycle life. This demonstrates Nio’s comprehensive capabilities in full-stack R&D and technology patent accumulation in battery life extension.

Partnering with CATL is part of Nio’s broader, long-term strategy that includes various collaborations and technological advancements aimed at strengthening its position in the competitive EV market. Nio’s battery technology initiatives represent a proactive approach to addressing the upcoming challenges associated with expiring battery warranties and the high cost of battery replacement. This underlines the importance of sustainable and reliable battery solutions for the future of EVs.


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