QuantumScape’s solid-state cell passes first test, surpassing benchmarks

QuantumScape's solid-state battery promises over 1,000 charging cycles, over 500,000 kilometers of range, and 95% capacity retention.

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QuantumScape, an American company, has achieved a significant breakthrough in battery technology. Their latest solid-state battery cell, which has been rigorously tested and confirmed by PowerCo, a subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group, has the potential to shake up the EV industry.

The remarkable endurance and capacity retention of QuantumScape’s solid-state battery cell not only represents a significant advancement in electric vehicle technology, but may also establish a new standard for automotive batteries in the future.

New benchmark in battery technology?

QuantumScape’s development represents a significant advancement in battery technology, with extended vehicle ranges, faster charging times, and increased safety for electric vehicles.

In a series of rigorous tests conducted by PowerCo, the battery cell exceeded 1,000 charging cycles, significantly outperforming the industry standard. This translates to an electric car capable of traveling over 500,000 kilometers, with the cell retaining an impressive 95% of its capacity even after extensive use.

Frank Blome, CEO of PowerCo, emphasized that these findings are a critical step toward large-scale production of solid-state cells. The cell’s performance demonstrates not only its durability, but also its potential to shape the future of electric mobility.

The solid-state technology outperformed traditional benchmarks, which typically target 700 charging cycles and a maximum capacity loss of 20%. Furthermore, QuantumScape’s innovation met additional stringent requirements such as fast charging, safety standards, and low self-discharge rates.

With the tested cell consisting of 24 layers and mirroring the format intended for mass production, the next step is to refine and scale the manufacturing processes. Volkswagen’s unified cell concept, developed by PowerCo, is compatible with this solid-state battery technology.

Volkswagen has been a significant investor in QuantumScape since 2012, and its goal is to industrialize and commercialize this advanced technology.

Looking Forward

The ultimate goal is to create a battery cell that not only promises longer ranges and faster charging, but also minimal degradation over time, transforming the industry of electric mobility.

QuantumScape’s achievement is a beacon of progress in the EV industry, pointing to a future in which electric vehicles can travel longer distances, recharge faster, and operate more safely. This development benefits not only QuantumScape and Volkswagen, but also the global pursuit of sustainable and efficient transportation solutions.

The implications of this technology go beyond the automotive industry, potentially affecting vehicle fuel consumption, CO2 emissions, and the overall environmental footprint of transportation.

Source: Volkswagen Press Release

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