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Julian Renpenning

– The Scientist With A Marketer’s Mind -​

My path

I am a scientist at heart with a keen sense of marketing

After graduating from the Technical University of Berlin with a degree in biotechnology, I focused in process engineering and analytical chemistry.

Following an Erasmus research stay as part of a European trainee program at Leiden University in the Netherlands, I began a PhD and later a PostDoctoral job at the Helmholtz Research Center for Environmental Research in Leipzig, Germany.

Since 2016, I’ve worked for Thermo Fisher Scientific, eventually becoming Marketing Manager, where I was in charge of B2B marketing in EMEA, management, planning, and execution of European strategic objectives, and worldwide alignment.

My Mission

Putting marketing plans into action

This breadth of experience has prepared me to face the difficulties ahead. As a professional marketer, my mission is to drive business growth and provide results.

I thrive in fast-paced workplaces as a strategic thinker and collaborator, and I am committed to providing exceptional customer experiences. Whether working as part of a team or on my own, I strive for demonstrable results, delivering effective campaigns that engage customers and exceed expectations.

Julian Renpenning - Creative Marketing

Diversified Skill set


With degrees in engineering and biotechnology, as well as a PhD in engineering sciences and analytical chemistry, I have a strong scientific background. My contributions have been honored and chronicled in books and papers. (Google Scholar profile).

Content Writer

With years of research and industry expertise, I can create for you targeted material that is not only technical or educational but also interesting and enjoyable to read, whether it is a scientific blog piece, case study, technical note, e-book, or website content.


As a scientific marketer, I am familiar with the needs and pain points of my target audience. I can help with the development and implementation of marketing strategies that attract and keep customers, improve brand awareness, and increase sales and revenue by leveraging my wide skill set in digital, content, and agile marketing.


Visual content and design are important in marketing because they serve to develop a company’s personality, attract attention, generate trust and credibility, and reinforce emotional connections across marketing channels. As a result, I will assist you in developing effective visual content and powerful designs to reach your desired target audience.

Providing value to scientific and technological businesses

Transform Your Marketing

Let’s collaborate to create customised solutions that highlight what makes your life science company special, and show how to translate high-performance marketing into targeted, successful outreach.

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