VW Group UK teams up with Ecobat to recycle EV batteries

Volkswagen Group UK has strengthened its commitment to sustainability by extending its collaboration with Ecobat to recycle electric vehicle (EV) batteries. The aim is to improve the circular energy economy and manage battery lifecycles responsibly.

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Volkswagen Group UK is extending its 2014 cooperation with Ecobat by working together to recycle electric vehicle batteries. This agreement supports VW Group UK’s objectives to create a circular energy economy and strengthen sustainability efforts within the UK automotive industry by focusing on the recycling of lithium-ion battery materials.

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In addition to operating two recycling facilities in the UK and Germany, Ecobat is also building a third facility in Arizona, USA. The company specializes in lead-acid and lithium-ion battery recycling, among other chemical battery types. The relationship began with lead-acid batteries and expanded in 2019 to include high-voltage batteries. Since then, Ecobat’s diagnostic and dismantling center, located in Darlaston, West Midlands, has refurbished and serviced thousands of batteries. Volkswagen has a test factory in Salzgitter that recycles batteries, but large-scale processing capacities are still being under development. The collaboration with Ecobat enables the VW processing of British e-car batteries.

As part of the company’s electrification goals, Sylvain Charbonnier, Director of One Aftersales for Volkswagen Group UK, stressed the significance of maintaining sustainability throughout the lifecycle of electric vehicles. Vice President of Global Sales at Ecobat, Elliott Ethridge, expressed excitement about expanding their ten-year partnership with VW Group UK to include EV lithium-ion battery recycling. The collaboration reflects a larger commitment to decarbonizing road transport and properly managing the growth of the electric vehicle business.

Source: The EV Report

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