Inauguration of E-Cells Lab by the University of Bologna, Ferrari, and NXP

Inauguration of E-Cells Lab by the University of Bologna, Ferrari and NXP
The University of Bologna has launched the E-Cells Lab, an electrochemistry research center focused on solid-state lithium battery cells, with collaboration from Ferrari and NXP.

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Ferrari, in partnership with the University of Bologna and semiconductor manufacturer NXP, inaugurated the E-Cells Lab on April 8, 2024, a new electrochemical research facility dedicated to the study of lithium cells. Ferrari emphasizes that research at the E-Cells Lab will focus on solid-state cells to improve battery performance in collaboration with its cell suppliers, with particular emphasis on fast charging, thermal behavior, safety and overall performance.

The lab is divided into two main areas. One area is dedicated to optimizing electrochemical materials for improved battery cell efficiency. The second area focuses on analyzing and testing these materials to refine their properties and improve battery cell formulations. Ferrari has provided financial and technical support to the E-Cells Lab, highlighting the project’s critical importance to the company’s strategic objectives, particularly in terms of optimizing battery performance for its vehicles manufactured in Maranello.

Benedetto Vigna, CEO of Ferrari, highlighted the role of the lab in promoting innovation and educational synergy between the academic and industrial sectors, and predicted significant contributions to electrochemistry and local innovation. “The E-Cells Lab represents an exciting beginning and demonstrates our commitment to education and research,” said Vigna at the inauguration. He emphasized the importance of this collaboration in developing a common language and setting standards with cell suppliers to optimize battery performance across the Ferrari lineup.

Giovanni Molari, Chancellor of the University of Bologna, and Jens Hinrichsen, Executive Vice President of NXP Semiconductor, both praised the initiative for its potential to deliver breakthrough results in battery research and its value to the automotive sector. The University of Bologna brings its research expertise and a tradition of scientific excellence. This is complemented by NXP’s leadership in the electronics sector, particularly in advanced analog technologies, which are crucial for the development of next-generation battery solutions.

Ferrari aims to electrify 60% of its models by 2026 and is preparing to launch its first electric model by the end of 2025. The E-Cells Lab is expected to play a key role in achieving these goals by improving the performance and safety of the batteries used.

Source: Ferrari – PRESS RELEASES, Electrive

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