StoreDot partners EVE Energy to secure EV battery mass production

StoreDot expands its partnership with Eve Energy, securing production capacity for its Extreme Fast Charging (XFC) cells and licensing its technology to the Chinese manufacturer

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Israeli battery developer StoreDot and Chinese battery manufacturer Eve Energy have signed a manufacturing agreement as an expansion of their partnership. StorDot has announced this strategic partnership with EVE Energy, a leading Chinese battery producer, for further commercialization and mass production of StorDot’s Extreme Fast Charge (XFC) electric vehicle (EV) battery cells. The collaboration will leverage EVE Energy’s strong manufacturing capabilities and global footprint to enable mass production of StoreDot’s 100in5 extreme fast charging XFC battery cells. The initiative is part of the company’s strategy to secure manufacturing capacity and license its technology to others as it builds its own global manufacturing capability.

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As part of the agreement, StoreDot will also license its XFC cell technology to Eve Energy, allowing the Chinese manufacturer to produce these cells. The agreement is a significant step toward StoreDot’s goal of mass production of its XFC battery technologies, enabling the company to supply its customers who lack manufacturing capabilities. The partnership strengthens StoreDot’s relationship with EVE Energy, building on their existing R&D collaboration and leveraging EVE’s world-class manufacturing expertise for commercialization. EVE Energy began its relationship with StoreDot in 2017. It made a significant investment in the company in 2021.

Source: StoreDot – The silicon-based 100in4 cells demonstrated 1100 XFC cycles with high energy density and a projected energy density of 340 Wh/kg in an EV form factor.

EVE has strong relationships with major automakers and is recognized as one of the world’s leading battery manufacturers and a top 10 supplier of cells for electric vehicles. EVE’s global manufacturing network is well positioned to effectively support the volume production of StoreDot’s XFC battery cells, with 10 sites in China and additional facilities under construction or planned in Asia, Europe, and North America.

Source: StorDot – Press Release

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