24M’s New Electrolyte Increases Cycle Life of Lithium-Metal Batteries

24M has developed a new electrolyte called Eternalyte for lithium metal batteries, promising a battery technology with the potential to deliver 1,000 miles (approximately 1,609 km) of range per charge and over 500,000 miles (approximately 804,672 km) of total range.

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24M Technologies has advanced lithium-metal battery technology with the introduction of Eternalyte™, a new electrolyte formula that significantly improves the cycle life and rate capability of lithium-metal batteries. It is reported to significantly improve the cycling stability and charge capacity of lithium metal batteries.

The company claims the highest cycle stability among liquid electrolyte systems, with the ability for a lithium-metal cell (NMC cathode and Li-metal anode) to retain 83% capacity over 500 and more cycles at 1C discharge and 1C charge. This translates to approximately 500,000+ miles of total range and 1,000 miles (ca. 1,609 km) per charge. The corresponding energy densities are reported to be 391 Wh/kg and 887 Wh/l.

The innovation is built on 24M’s recent breakthroughs, including the electrode-to-pack technology (ETOP™) and a new battery separator (Impervio™). Together with Eternalyte, these technologies provide a comprehensive solution for enhancing battery safety, efficiency, and sustainability. 24M’s technologies provide flexibility for cell manufacturers to integrate these advancements into their existing processes, improving performance without overhauling fundamental manufacturing processes.

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Naoki Ota, President and CEO of 24M, underlines the company’s objective to provide transformational battery solutions to meet important industrial concerns, stressing the considerable benefits of integrating their solutions. Yet-Ming Chiang, Chief Scientist and an MIT Professor, highlighted rethinking both the manufacturing process and cell/pack architecture to enable next-generation technologies such as lithium metal.

Volkswagen acquired a 25% stake in 24M in early 2022, and 24M has a licensing agreement with Norway’s FREYR Battery to commercialize its semi-solid technology, likely aimed at maritime applications and stationary storage systems.

Source: 24M Press Release

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